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MPI Student Membership


    History was made when, in 2006 when the first MPI Student Club was organized by Arizona Sunbelt Chapter and sanctioned by MPI Headquarters. Today, MPI student membership continues to grow globally.

Why MPI Student Membership?

  • Preparing for a Career can be Daunting and a Little Scary. MPI AZ offers 300+ seasoned professionals from which to get support and informal coaching.
  • Your Student Membership Success depends on YOU and to the Degree you Become Involved. The more you are involved, the more support and informal coaching your receive.
  • Move Your Resume to the Top of the Stack through student club leadership, internships and volunteer opportunities
  • Networking Can Be FUN! Networking is a professional activity that involves high personal commitment. Networking within MPI AZ is fun, easy and personable. If we can help you, we will; if we can't, we know someone who can!

Student Membership Benefits