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The Arizona Sunbelt Chapter of MPI is proud to announce that chapter scholarships are now available!

Apply for MPI-AZ chapter scholarships for 2018 now!

Application and Recommendations are due by 5pm (MST) Friday, April 27, 2018.

Please contact Joanne Winter, Executive Director, with questions.

MPI Foundation Scholarship Opportunities

The MPI Foundation is passionately committed to a vision of prosperity for the global meetings and events community. It is a vision we are powering through leadership initiatives, research, grants and scholarships to ensure the success of our members today and the sustained growth of our industry into the future. As the industry leader, MPI Foundation raises the most funds which are immediately reinvested back into the community.

MPI Foundation's scholarship program was created for meeting professionals who seek education inside or outside traditional academic institutions. It may empower an individual to reach a career milestone or revitalize a program that affects thousands. Visit this website for a list of Foundation Scholarships available for MPI members.

Grant and Scholarship Calendar - Click here!