Arizona Sunbelt Chapter - Meeting Professionals International   MPI Volunteer Engagement Chapter Merit Award

Lee Smith
2017-2018 MPI Arizona Sunbelt Chapter President

Lee Smith - 2017-2018 MPI Arizona Sunbelt Chapter President

I am extremely honored to be serving as your 2017-18 President and to be a part of an incredibly talented leadership team. We had another amazing year under the leadership of past president David Rosenbaum, and we are riding on that momentum as we kick off the new fiscal year.

My focus is YOU, our members. It is because of you that we are a successful chapter and we wouldn't be here without YOU. It's important that we keep you engaged, excited and enthusiastic about your membership. The best way we can do that is by providing you with quality education, networking, community outreach, and volunteer opportunities; our leadership team is working hard to create these experiences for you.

I am excited for another successful year and look forward to connecting with each one of you!

Lee Smith
Hotel Valley Ho