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MPI Foundation - Securing Tomorrow by Strengthening Today

The MPI Foundation

Purpose: The Meeting Professionals International Foundation (MPIF) is a not-for-profit organization that shall fund grants, scholarships and pan-industry research in support of the global meeting and event industry.

Mission: The MPI Foundation funds education and pan-industry research that drive the success of meeting professionals.

At MPI Foundation, the funds raised are immediately re-invested back into the meeting and event industry in the form of research, chapter grants, scholarships and various educational programs. Founded in 1984, the focus of the Meeting Professionals International Foundation (MPI Foundation) is to support the vision and mission of Meeting Professionals International (MPI) by providing members opportunities for success through meaningful connections to innovative knowledge, rich relationships and abundant marketplaces.

The MPI Foundation fuels the growth and advancement of MPI members by providing them professional development and career opportunities through grants and scholarships. The MPI Foundation also propels the meeting and event industry forward by funding innovative research and pan-industry initiatives that support the strategic plan of MPI.

Throughout the year you will see requests for donations to the MPI Foundation on behalf of the Arizona Sunbelt Chapter. The Chapter's Board of Directors is passionate about supporting this cause through raising funds for donation throughout the year.

How to contribute to the MPI AZ Fundraising Efforts

  • Donate an additional amount when you register for a monthly MPI AZ Education Program or special event in the separate donation line during the online registration process.
  • Participate in the year-long Chapter MPI Foundation Campaign - "Be the Change to Make a Change". Bring your loose change to all chapter functions and drop it in the bucket.


The MPI Foundation offers scholarship opportunities to MPI Members. Applicants MUST be a member of MPI in order to apply. Visit for applications and deadlines.