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For 46 years, Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and its members have been shaping, advancing and defining the Meetings & Events Industry, while the SITE community has been on a mission to strengthen and inspire the extraordinary industry of Incentive Travel Professionals since 1973!

Just imagine the stories that could be told about this journey...

At the upcoming SITE + MPI Global Forum18, we will give the main stage to our joint members to share their amazing stories. From the epic tale of the industry’s progress, to individual anecdotes about the meeting, event or incentive experience. Who knows the story better than MPI and SITE members? Who better to share our story than YOU?

We're looking for those Storytellers!

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Interested? Here's how to submit:

If you want to share your story on the Global Forum main stage, then you will need to submit your idea. This is done by submitting your proposal through the MPI or SITE online Call for Speakers systems:

-- For Meeting & Event Stories (MPI): Click HERE

-- For Incentive Stories (SITE): Click HERE

Important notes:

  • The first step in being considers is by completing the online form - be sure to really tell your story in your submission! Write it as if you were telling it on stage.
  • Though not required, a video submitted highlighting your story would be a great way to increase your chances of being selected! Because this Storytellers session is out of the box, of course the normal online submission wont fully get your point across. Please still complete the online form and upload your video in the on-line system (for MPI submissions) or send your video to (SITE submissions).
  • The maximum length of the video submission should be no more than 3 minutes. It does NOT need to be professionally produced, a cell phone and upload to YouTube or Vimeo will do.
  • Include Storytellers PLUS the specific category (newcomer, over achiever etc.) in the title of your submission!
  • Final selection status will be sent by September, 2017.
  • Selected speakers will receive a full complimentary SITE + MPI Global Forum registration and will work with a professional TEDx coach to polish the presentation delivery over the subsequent months. The speaker will be responsible for their travel and hotel.

Please send your Storytellers submission no later than May 26th for consideration.

Further Questions? - Don't Hesitate to Contact: