Arizona Sunbelt Chapter - Meeting Professionals International

MPI AZ Charity of the Year 2016-2017

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels
Comfy Cozy's for Chemo

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angel's is a non-profit, support and educational organization designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible, tax-exempt organization. This organization was founded in 2013 in celebration of Amanda Hope's life that ended all too soon when she lost her battle against Leukemia. During her four year fight, Amanda Hope dreamed that one day she would design a fun clothing line for kids in the same type of situation that would provide comfort and dignity during treatment. Here is Amanda Hope's dream!

Bring dignity and comfort into the harsh world of childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.


  • Provide Comfycozy's Care™ gifts to all children diagnosed with cancer and other blood-related disorders.
  • Support healthcare professionals in providing person-centered care to children and their families with empathy and understanding.
  • Help families have voice and choice above harsh protocols often present in the healthcare system.

Stay tuned for information on how you can support our charity of the year. For more information, please email Kelli Dawson.