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Help us make a difference and be part of next year's MPI AZ Leadership Team! If you would like to take part in the chapter's future, we encourage you to complete this interest form. Consideration for any leadership position requires completion of this form in its entirety.

If you would like to serve as a Committee Chair or Co-Chair position please also complete this form and indicate your interest below..

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To ensure that the leadership team has the vision and the ability to provide the membership with a variety of benefits including opportunities for learning, building relationships, and growing their businesses, it is required that the board collectively possess the following traits:

~ Diversity ~ Commitment ~ Accountability ~ Respectful ~ Communication ~ Professional ~
~ Reputable ~ Open-minded ~ Fiscally Responsible ~ Management Skills ~

With this in mind, please answer the following questions, which illustrate your ideas for the future growth, direction and development of the Arizona Sunbelt Chapter MPI.

*1. Why are you interested in serving on the MPI AZ Leadership Team?

2. List your committees, board, and/or special event involvements in MPI during your membership. Please note you do not have to have previous involvement to volunteer for chapter leadership.

3. List any awards or professional recognition received, and/or describe service on any other boards during your experience in the meetings industry, or expand on any other allied professional organizations or civic roles that you actively support.

*4. Please rank the following skills from your strongest (1) to your weakest (7).
Strategic Thinking
Fiduciary Responsibility
Business Acumen
Personal Communication Skills
Loyalty to MPI

5. In which of the following areas do you have experience (check all that apply)?
Financial Expertise
Chapter/Community Experience
Strategic Planning
Education programming/training
Industry Experience

6. Which of the following is your strongest management skill? (Please rank 1 - 4)
Meetings & Events

7. Additional information you would like to share

COMMITTEE CHAIR (indicate which committee):

COMMITTEE CO-CHAIR (indicate which committee):

Leadership Commitment Statement (not applicable to committee members)
The Arizona Sunbelt Chapter of MPI Leadership Team meets approximately 3-4 times collectively as a group for Chair meetings and Leadership Retreats. The Chair/Co-Chair is requested to meet with their committee on a regular basis. It is expected that all Chars/Co-Chairs are committee to attend all scheduled meetings and fulfill the required duties to serve in this leadership role representing the Arizona Sunbelt Chapter of MPI. Do you agree with this commitment statement and acknowledge that you comply or will comply with all its elements?

By checking this box, you are indicating agreement with the Commitment Statement above.